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CrossCountry Freight Solutions
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Specialties: We specialize in providing the fastest, most reliable and safest shipping experience in the upper midwest.

LTL (Less Than Truckload): Utilizing a combination of straight-trucks, vans and tractor/trailers, we're experts in carrying palletized and non-palletized freight weighing from 1 to 2500 pounds.

Hotshot/Special: We can handle your specialized pickup and delivery needs.  If you need it there fast, any time of the day or night, calls us and we'll deliver.

Direct service area: Our direct service area includes most cities in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.  Partnerships with other freight carriers allows us to safely and reliably transport your freight throughout the United States and beyond.

If you need help with a pickup or delivery throughout the USA, call us and we'll ensure your freight is handled properly and quickly by reliable, trustworthy carriers.

We utilize technology as an enabler in every facet of our business.  We offer online order tracking, a comprehensive website, immediate access to vital details of your shipments, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and other specialized technologies which allow us to better serve your needs and provide a best-in-class shipping experience.

Warehousing, sorting, segregating and more: Leave the freight handling to us!  We're experts in transportation and transportation management.  Talk to one of our salespeople today to discuss a customized transportation solution for your business!

CrossCountry Freight Solutions Inc.  (800) 521-0287  (701) 222-8498